The Yovcho Krushev School of Music

Piano Performance          Composition           Score Reading & Playing

Dear Friends,

In my school, I will be teaching you in the European and Russian classical traditions of piano performance.

Lessons take place in Nashua, NH.

To book your audition please e-mail

Piano Performance

I have devoted my entire life to the mastery of piano performance and I believe it requires complete dedication and relentless daily practice. Every student is unique in character, ability, and level of preparation, so each one requires a personalized educational plan.

Therefore, our first meeting aims for us to get to know each other and allow me to build that plan for you. Please prepare a 15-20 minute long program to perform. Our lessons will also include all aspects of the music curriculum that are relevant to the student’s needs: music history, music theory, harmony, polyphony, etc.


  • Advanced – Conservatory Candidates, Academy Students
  • Professional – Teachers, Pianists
  • Preparation for International and National Piano Competitions


Master Classes – workshop dates and subjects to be announced


Classical training in the art of composing: from a simple ternary form, through different instrumental and vocal forms, up to and including the symphonic genre.


Beginners – simple musical forms

Requirements: 1st lesson audition. A check of overall musical knowledge – solfeggio, harmony, etc.

Training: step-by-step introduction to the different elements of composition

Group-study options available.


Advanced – full training in composition mastery

Requirements: 1st lesson audition. Please bring a developed personal composition, for us to review together.

***Must bring a pencil-written copy of the text to play from and correct – while we all use apps like Notation or Sibelius, some of the best learning happens during that side-by-side interaction with the pencil and eraser.

Training: personalized, one-on-one training, targeted to the student’s specific level of mastery and goals


Score Reading & Playing

I spent 30 years teaching the discipline of “Choral and Orchestral Score Reading & Playing.” This is an essential skill to every musician, but especially for those who plan to or do conduct choirs, bands or orchestras. I have also published a textbook on the subject: The Art of Reading and Playing Choral and Orchestral Scores Vol. I: Old Clefs.

Training: reading of scores: old clefs, classical choral and orchestral scores, preparation of a piano reduction or a score, as well as modern 20th century notation.

Requirements: proficiency in piano

Goal: at the end of the course, the student should be able to read any musical text and perform it



Policy & Payment

Rates for Lessons/Auditions – $150 for 60 min.

Payment method – Cash or check.

Booking – Lessons must be paid-in-full and booked by the 25th, for the following month.

Absences – please notify me minimum 24h in advance, in order to receive credit for a make-up session, at a mutually agreeable time and date.

Dismissal – I reserve the right to dismiss any student for any reason.



 While I will provide all necessary resources, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to invest the time and effort necessary to build on his or her innate talent. Students that habitually come unprepared will be permanently dismissed.